In 2013 – on a quest for our grandparents’ old treasure chests – we discovered the capucha: a traditional Portuguese cape, used by shepherds and peasants in Portugal’s most mountainous villages for over 10 centuries.
Once it is placed over the head, it allows a total freedom of movements during the rural chores, while offering shelter against the cold and the rain. We decided right away that such a piece could not simply be forgotten.

Since then we’ve collaborated with a small group of artisans with years of experience working with burel, a wool felted material that gives the capucha the unique and essential features necessary to face all storms: it’s water and windproof.

The fitting, colours and details were carefully redesigned, in order to become more functional and adapted to contemporary usage.
Cut, sewn and embroidered with the same art since hundreds of years ago, we brought the capuchas from the small Portuguese villages into the world.